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Perbedaan Nilai Arus Puncak Ekspirasi antara Perempuan yang Memasak dengan Kayu Bakar dan LPG

Imaniar Hidayati Arindha, Ana Rima Setijadi, Novi Primadewi


Background: There are a lot of report about obstruction phenomenon because of firewoods use for fuel consumption of cooking. Its known from decrease value of PEF examination.

Methods: This research was an analytical descriptive research using cross sectional approach and had been done in March 2012 in Giripeni Wates. The subjects were a woman who cooking use firewood and LPG. Data was collected by using purposive random sampling method. Data was analyzed using Chi Square test through SPSS 17.00 for Windows.

Results: This research showed a mean of peak flow value’s in woman who cooking use firewood are 63,49 ± 13,01 and LPG are 82,82 ± 6,57. t-test shows     p = 0,000 and Chi Square shows p = 0,003, Odd Ratio = 5,23.

Conclusion: there were significant differences of PEF between a woman who cooking use firewood and LPG, firewood user  has risk 5,23 bigger than LPG user.

Keyword: Peak Ekspiratory Flow (PEF), firewood, LPG


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