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The Correlation between Computer Use and Visus of SMKN 2 Surakartas Informatic Engineering Students

Novy Wahyunengsi Lowa, Retno Widiati ., Senyum Indrakila .


Background : Recently, computers have became primary needs of common people, especially among teenagers. It is proven in the results of a recent study that internet users in Indonesia from among children and adolescents are predicted reach to 30 million. Most computer users spend a lot of time for staring at computer, without give their eyes to rest. As a result, there was a repeated stress on the muscles of the eyes then fatigue. It will continue to decline in the function of the eye muscles that have consequence in visual impairment/decreasing in visual acuity.

Methods : This study was analytic observational using cross sectional design that held in November 2014. The subjects of this study were 65 students of class X, XI, and XII SMKN 2 Surakarta who taken by purposive sampling technique through interviews. Analysis of the data used Spearman correlation test which treated with Statistical Product and Service Solutions (SPSS) 20.0 for Windows .

Results : In this study indicated that there was no significant relationship between the duration of use of computer vision to the decline in students of N 2 Surakarta , where the value of p = 0.800 ( > 0.05) (old and right visual acuity) and p = 0593 ( > 0.05) (old and left visual acuity) .

Conclusions : There is no relationship between the duration of use of the computer vision student N 2 Surakarta .

Key Words : Computer use duration, visus, students

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